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What is left for me in our world?...

—Yuuya Kizami, Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation

Yuuya Kizami

刻命 裕也
(きざみ ゆうや)


Kizami Yūya


23 years old




Gang Enforcer



Yuuya Kizami (刻命 裕也 Kizami Yūya?) is Haruna Kizami's younger brother and one of the main characters in Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation.


Yuuya has bandages covering the majority of the left side of his body due to recent events that left him skinned and requiring a skin graft. As a cause of this, the skin around his bandages is very red and irritated-looking. His left eye is also covered by bandages which wrap around his head, leaving not much of the left side of his face visible. He wears a purple turtleneck sweater that is slightly too small for him, as well as dark brown slacks that he took from a locker.


Yuuya kept his sociapatic side from the original games, but unlike then he now shows it as he joins a gang.


  • Hiragi-HOUX , as his character designer and illustrator, coloured the area around Yuuya's skin grafts very lightly due to her own squeamishness.
    • Additionally, his clothing design was based on the fact she wanted him to wear clothes that didn't seem to suit him.
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