This pages lists all the victim's memoirs found in Corpse Party D2 series.

Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation

Victim's Memoir
Appears in

CPD2: Fatal Operation


Floor 3 - West Staircase (1/4)
Floor 2 - East Hallway (2/4)
Floor 1 - West Storage (3/4)
Floor 1 - Bathrooms (4/4)

In Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation, Naomi and Seiko can read four victim's memoirs in Chapter 1. Reading the fourth one results in a wrong end.

Victim's Memoir (1/4)

The ghost promised me that I could leave this place if I killed him. It lied to me. I'm still here.
My husband's blood is soaking my skirt. But I'm still here.
Why am I still here?

Victim's Memoir (2/4)

My husband came back to life. But he's not human anymore.
He tried to kill me.
He wants me to suffer the way he did.

Victim's Memoir (3/4)

There is no escape. The doors won't open. The windows won't break. The vents are too small to crawl through.
We're all trapped here until we starve to death.
No eScapE

Victim's Memoir (4/4)



  • In victim's memoir (4/4) last part (with many "die" written in it) is three places where only "di" is written.

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