• Rainymittens

    First off, here's a link: Catalogue of the Dead, a fanfic And now, the shameless self-promotion begins. Apologies in advance.

    I'm here today writing about my long-running and sporadically updated fanfic, Catalogue of the Dead.I spelled it with a "u" because I'm Canadian, and it it technically accurate. Anyway, let's start with a little history.

    I really love NPCs. If a game has interesting NPCs, it gains instant points in my favor. Examples of these are the MOTHER series (Earthbound, Mother 3, etc.) and the Persona games. There's a random dude in a hotel in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, who, if you talk to him, will exclaim "Let's get married! Tomorrow!" regardless of the age or gender of the character you're walking around as.


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