Va va Vroom! I guess holidays aren't boring every now and again, but I would really rather to be a at school, maybe I'm not normal after all. I'd rather be learning than stuck at home, but other teens would probably disagree right? I guess my family is right, I'm too much like my mother. Even though I would of had PE today, I would've just sat out and read a book. School's hard when you have no friends in class anymore. Religion or not, a true friend would stick by your side forever. It just goes to show that I pick the wrong people to be friends with. But I'll try harder! I'm a Student Rep after all! And even if my Ex-Friends go to be reps next year like me? Their gonna have some intense compitition! I wanna go to be a School Captain or Vice Captain! I have extremely high grades! Which means I could have an extreamly high chance. All I have to do is get students to like me, right?

2:02 PM 13\06\16

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