So basically the topic here is about Corpse Party Fated to Despair. The idea of making it first came to me when I was in my class, bored out of my mind. The class was a free period so everyone was just killing time and talking. It was a hobby of mine to write short stories so I decided to write a horror story out of boredom. After it finished I thought it was good and maybe I could post it in the internet. Then I got even a better idea, what if I extend the story even longer ? I've never wrote a big story before so it was going to be hard. And the prolouge is the short story. I've been working on chapter 1 for some time now and I might post it in mid-February or so. Since I'm a really slow writer it's gonna take time. And now for the plot.

I can just write the plot on the story page but I tend to change stuff a lot so here's the summary.

There are about 10 characters who take part in the ritual and get trapped in Heavenly Host. And Yuki Kanno is the New Sachiko. It takes place at the same timeline as the cannon games, two weeks after the events of the first Kisaragi Academy incident ( The PSP game, CP BC Repeated Fear ).The characters are also students from Kisaragi Academy.

I'm still deciding on the names of the characters and there are two original characters in the story. Tsukasa Mikuni and Yuu Shinohara.

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