Hey everyone! Brave here! Now you all know that Corpse Party: BloodDrive will be released this July, and with that announcement I just wanted to say that Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~ will begin development a couple weeks after Corpse Party: BloodDrive is released, the reason I'm doing this is because my story fits five years after whatever canon ending BloodDrive goes for, so I guess you can say that Corpse Party: New Blood takes place during the events of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, maybe I'll put a small easter egg concerning Dead Patient.

Now Here's what I want to ask of you guys! What New Blood sequel do you wanna see most? Corpse Party: Blood Feast, Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~, Corpse Party: Devil's Flute or Sweet Home: Grave Torments, before you ask yes the written story is nearly completed I just have to add a couple more scenes, write an epilouge and put some more stuff in, so expect Corpse Party: New Blood Chapter 2 on March 31st.

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