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Fan Fiction Information

Corpse Party




Horror Fan Fiction


Fiction Teen (13+)

Last Update

Septemeber 16, 2016




2,189 words

Trapped is a one-shot fanfiction of the Corpse Party series, focusing on two original characters.


This story is based off of the room in PC-98/Rebuilt, where Ayumi Shinozaki and Yoshiki Kishinuma can potentially get trapped.

This story focuses on two unnamed characters who are struggling to survive in this same room. However, unlike with Ayumi and Yoshiki, these two individuals may not be so lucky with their fate...


  • Unnamed Female - A teenage girl from an unknown school who is immensely in love with the male character, to the point of it being an unhealthy obsession. She is weak-minded, making her very vulnerable to the horrors of Heavenly Host Elementary School.
  • Unnamed Male - A teenage boy who is friends with the female character, and has helped her a lot through the rough times in her life. He is unaware of the girl's unhealthy obsession towards him. He is a brave individual who mostly keeps his worries to himself.


To view the full story, please go here.


  • This one-shot was posted on the Corpse Party Amino for the fanfiction contest, and won first place.

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