Ayumi Shinozaki telling her classmates the tale of the ghost girl.

The tale of the ghost girl (怪談の女生徒 kaidan no joseito?, lit. "ghost story of the school girl"), also known as the Kisaragi Academy's ghost story (如月学園の怪談 Kisaragi Gakuen no kaidan; lit. "February Academy's ghost story?), is a ghost story told by many students about one of the seven wonders of Kisaragi Academy. It is told by Ayumi Shinozaki in CORPSE-PARTY and by Kaori Hasegawa in CORPSE-PARTY ZERO.

The Ghost Story

The ghost story involves one about an ordinary school girl who was at the third floor old schoolhouse where Kisaragi Academy is currently built over. She then accidentally slipped and fell to her death. Even though she died on impact, the school girl was able to stand up and mutter, "More... more..." before cackling maniacally and vanishing into thin air. It is said that she still wanders the halls of the school.

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