This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party, go here to see.
For the co-ed high school, see Tendo Senior High School.

Tendo Girls' Senior High School (天道女子高等学校 Tendō Joshi Kōtōgakkō?, lit. "Gods of Heaven and Earth Girls' Senior High School") is an all-girls senior high school where several minor characters introduced in the Corpse Party Cemetery0 series attended.



Name Class Age Sex Picture
First Year Students
Akari Roen (炉艶 あかり Roen Akari?) 1-3 Unknown Female
Miku Sensu (占栖 美久 Sensu Miku?) 1-3 Unknown Female
Shiori Izuru (出瑠 シオリ Izuru Shiori?) 1-3 Unknown Female

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