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Student ID's are ID cards that belonged to fan-game characters.

Yoshiki's Student ID
Yoshiki's student ID (CPD2)
Appears in

CPD2: Depths of Despair


Classroom 3-A


Used to open the door to Classroom 2-A

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair follow

Chapter 2

Yoshiki's Student ID

Ayumi finds the student ID after the memory of Yoshiki in Classroom 3-A. It is used to open the door to Classroom 2-A, which has a note saying "Honor the memory of the sacrificial lamb".

Each character in the party has a Student ID as a part of their inventories.

[character name]'s ID
Student ID (FAD)
Appears in

CP: For Another Day


A senior/junior high ID card belonging to [full name of the character].


Player's inventory

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: For Another Day follow

Ayane's ID

The characters carry their ID with them for the whole game.

Student ID Card
Student ID (FAD)
Appears in

CP: For Another Day


An ID card salvaged from the corpse of a student.


Third floor corridor

Student ID Card

Ryuga finds the ID card inside of Sanae Wakahisa's corpse. It says that the girl was from Musashino Academy.

Significant plot details end here.
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