This page is for SkyBird027 as an independent video game developer. If you want to see him as a user, go here.
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Horror Adventure

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Corpse Party -ever after-


SkyBird027's Tumblr

SkyBird027, also known as just SkyBird is an independent video game developer. He works solo and handles both the creation of the plot, its implementation to the game, and the creation of the game's art, specifically the character sprites and event illustrations.

He specializes in horror adventure games, popularly known for his Corpse Party -ever after- fan game.


Here are the listing of the games created by SkyBird027.

Corpse Party Games

  • Corpse Party -ever after- (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Currently in development.)
  • Corpse Party DIs;connEct (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Currently in development.)

Original Games

  • Hide & Seek (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Currently in early stages of writing.)


  • SkyBird027 found Corpse Party during 2010, but was too scared to play it and only in 2012 did he finally have the courage to play the game.
  • SkyBird027 usually daydream scenarios in his head and would actually complete a story in his mind.
  • SkyBird027 has only graduated from high school recently and is now heading to college, taking up game development as a course.

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