Blood School

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Blood School follow
After being separated and stuck on the third floor, Shun's group (consisting of him, Kaede, and Kaito) begin to search the rooms and in Classroom 3-A, Kaito knocks a desk through a hole in the floor after getting frustrated when Shun doesn't immediately know what they should do.

After some work from the other groups, they end up with the key to the computer room and enter inside, finding a disembodied left leg which they take with them. They head over to the biology lab and hand the leg over to a spirit roaming freely in there, and it vanishes after thanking them.

After this, they head over to Class 3-B to find a dismembered right arm, and a roster of the Occult Club, listing the name of a certain friend of theirs as the club's director, prompting Shun's realization that they'd been set up. After this, the group head to Class 3-C to give the spirit there the arm they found.

Eventually, the group reunites with the others and just as they are about to leave, Momoko Shinoda appears, simply hand-waving her disappearance as having 'gotten lost'. Shun brings up the roster he found and questions why Momoko, a 17 years old girl, is listed as the director of a high school club several years earlier. He presents further evidence, causing Momoko to laugh madly and restore their memories to their true selves, revealing they'd known her for a much shorter timeframe than they'd all believed.

He then goes on to accuse her of bringing them to the school so she could possess one of their bodies to live in, and she proves him right, going on to try and possess Kyoko's body. He tries to get Momoko away from Kyoko but fails, only being knocked back, and instead yells at her to run. He concludes that Momoko has little time left before she disappears completely, as her spiritual powers are running dry, and relays this to Kyoko who moves out of the way at last. After Momoko vanishes for good, he returns home with the others.

A few days later, he's caught with the others who're all snooping in on Kyoko's love confession to Kyoya. He ends up teasing Kaito about a certain message he has to send to a certain somebody, and Kaito, embarrassed, tells him to shut up. When Kaede asks what he's talking about, he promises to let her know later, prompting insults from Kaito.
Significant plot details end here.

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