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This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party, go here to see.

Shibagami Private High School (私立柴神高校 Shiritsu Shibagami Kōkō?, lit. "Private Shibagami Senior High School") is a senior high school where you can collect the students' name tags from in Corpse Party.



  • Izuru Ohkami (大神伊鶴 Ohkami Izuru?) (Class 2-1)
  • Kagemi Yano (矢野かげみ Yano Kagemi?) (Class 1-A)
  • Mari Rokuhara (六原万里 Rokuhara Mari?) (Class 1-A)
  • Mitsuki Kamijou (上乗美月 Kamijō Mitsuki?) (Class 1-A)
  • Ryoto Kumakawa (熊川亮人 Kumakawa Ryoto?) (Class 2-1)
  • Yuki Sakakibara (榊原有紀 Sakakibara Yuki?) (Class 2-1)

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