This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party, go here to see.

Seisho Junior High School (成章中学校 Seishō Chūgakkō?, lit. "Awarded Junior High School") is a junior high school where you can collect the students' name tags from in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.



  • Itsuya Goto (五藤 乙矢 Gotō Itsuya?) (Principal)


  • Arisa Kaida (戒田 有砂 Kaida Arisa?)
  • Hiroko Kikumura (菊村 寛子 Kikumura Hiroko?)
  • Honoka Nanjo (南城 萌夏 Nanjō Honoka?)
  • Norika Miharu (見晴 典花 Miharu Norika?)

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