This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party, go here to see.

Seisei Academy for Girls (聖清女子学院 Seisei Joshigakuin?, lit. "Saint Pure Girls' Academy") is an all-girls school where you can collect the students' name tags from in Corpse Party.

School Emblem

The all-girls school's educational philosophy is "purity, modesty and intelligence." For this reason its emblem is the lily, a symbol for "purity."



  • Kazunari Takayanagi (高柳一也 // タカヤナーギ博士 Takayanagi Kazunari // PhD Takayanagi?) / Hakuryuu Kuroyanagi (Class II-3)
  • Tohru Fujimoto (藤本徹 Fujimoto Tohru?) / Kyuu Nishimura (Class II-3)
  • Tomoyuki Hamada (濱田智之 Hamada Tomoyuki?) / Mamori Tekuno (Class II-3)
  • Yasuji Morita (森田恭司 Morita Yasuji?) / Togari Mita (Class II-3)


  • Asuka Kato (加東あすか Kato Asuka?) (Class I-2)
  • Ayana Misono (御園彩菜 Misono Ayana?) (Class II-3)
  • Koito Fujiwara (藤原恋都 Fujiwara Koito?) (Class I-2)
  • Ryoko Fujiwara (藤原涼子 Fujiwara Ryoko?) (Class II-3)
  • Sasha Shinonome (東雲沙紗 Shinonome Sasha?) (Class I-2)
  • Yuzuha Mikami (三上ゆずは Mikami Yuzuha?) (Class I-2)

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