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This page only lists Seiko's appearance in Seiko MindBreak!, for her other appearances go here.
Seiko Shinohara


Seiko Shinohara (篠原 世以子 Shinohara Seiko?) is a student from Kisaragi Academy Senior High's Classroom 2-9 and the protagonist of Seiko MindBreak! (Nebulous 8bit Style).


Seiko has a maximum of five hearts which represents her stamina. She can replenish them by picking up the medicine bottle scattered throughout Heavenly Host Elementary School.


Seiko starts off with a total of three lives. The amount can be increased by picking up antibacterial creams.


Seiko can use her hair rolls as a weapon as well as to jump.

Whenever there is a high ledge she needs to get to, Seiko can perform a big jump, called a roll jump, by squatting down and jumping.

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