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In order to escape from the abandoned school, Seiko makes a grand appearance in her own action game!

—Tagline, Seiko MindBreak! (Nebulous 8bit Style)

Seiko MindBreak!
(Nebulous 8bit Style)
SeikoMindBreak! Nebulous8bitStyle
Video Game Information
Japanese Title

(Nebulous 8bit Style)


Corpse Party


(Makoto Nagareyama)


Action Game Maker



Release Date(s)

April 1, 2011


Retro Action Game

Seiko MindBreak! (Nebulous 8bit Style) (世以子マインドブレイク! (Nebulous 8bit Style) Seiko MaindoBureiku! (Nebulous 8bit Style)?) is a self-described quasi-retro Action Game Maker game made by Makoto Nagareyama of RED DIAL and was released on April 1, 2011.


Seiko must escape from Heavenly Host Elementary School

Cast of Characters

The cast of characters include:



  • Eyeball: A giant eyeball holding an arrow cursor.
  • Antique Doll: An antique doll from the Bunka era.
  • Skeleton: The skull of a corpse.
  • Anatomical Model: An anatomical model of the human body.


  • Ryou Yoshizawa: A ghost boy stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen and the boss of STAGE-1-4.
  • Yuki Kanno: A ghost girl with a missing left eye and the boss of STAGE-2-4.
  • Tokiko Tsuji: A headless ghost girl who is the boss of STAGE-3-4.
  • Yoshikazu Yanagihori : A large man wielding a sledgehammer and the boss of STAGE-4-4.
  • Yoshie Shinozaki: The ghost of a school nurse and the boss of STAGE-5-4.
  • Sachiko Shinozaki: The master of Heavenly Host and the boss of STAGE-6-4.



  • Seiko MindBreak! (Nebulous 8bit Style) is one of the few non-role playing games released of Corpse Party.
  • Seiko MindBreak! (Nebulous 8bit Style) was made exclusively for April Fools' Day. It was to trick fans into thinking that Seiko MindBreak! ~Corpse Party Stigma In Xenograft~ was being release.

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