Santa Orchidea Senior High (神聖蘭高等学校 Shinseiran Kotogakko) is the main school where the characters of Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear attend. Santa Orchidea is a high class high school; one would have to pass a test and pay a very expensive fee to even consider entering. Some of the brightest minds such as Kazuya Himura and Hitomi Nase have the chance of entering for free if a certain score is achieved in the entrance test.

School Emblem

The School Emblem is a coat of arms with a rose an an orchid crossing each other, their stems forming the lower part of the shield. The school's colors: pastel red, yellow and mint green can be seen in the female standard uniform in the details on the left side of the skirt; and in the male one, in the sleeves of the blazers.



  • Daichi Mizuhachi (水橋 大知 Mizuhachi Daichi?) (Class 3-5)
  • Hikaru Matsuzaki (松崎 ひかる Matsuzaki Hikaru?) (Class 3-5)
  • Hitome Nase (名瀬ひとみ Nase Hitomi?) (Class 3-5)
  • Kaori Ichiyanagi (一柳 かおり Ichiyanagi Kaori?) (Class 3-5)
  • Ryouko Motomiya (本宮 遼子 Motomiya Ryōko?) (Class 3-5)
  • Keiichiro Sakurai (櫻井圭一郎 Sakurai Keiichiro?) (Class 3-5)
  • Kouko Kobayakawa (小早川 晃子 Kobayakawa Akiko?) (Class 3-5)
  • Kazuya Himura (火村 和也 Himura Kazuya?) (Class 3-5)