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Creator Information
Native Name

ਸਾਹਿਲ (Sahil)


December 7. 1996


California, U.S.A.


Eastern Indian
(Southern Asian/Asian Indian)


High school student

Notable Works

Onbizzle and SahilD's Heavenly Host Adventure


SahilD's Facebook

Sahil Dhillon, also known by the username SahilD, is a Moderator of a Facebook group "Yes, I'm a Hetalian. Got a problem with that?" which has over 30,000 users. He also rarely writes stories, his notable is Onbizzle and SahilD's Heavenly Host Adventure, which he made with his friend Onbizzle.


Here are the listing of the fan fiction written by SahilD.

Corpse Party Fan Stories

External Links

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