—Ryuga Konoe, Corpse Party: For Another Day

Ryuga Konoe

17 years old



Birth Date

February 14th Aquarius Button


Karasuyama High School


High School Student





Ryuga Konoe is a original character created by AtlasAtrium, that appeared in Corpse Party: For Another Day. He is a student of Karasuyama High School and a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School.


Ryuga has short brown hair that get longer the closer they get to the front and black eyes. He wears a Karasuyama High School uniform.


A sleazy-looking fellow that always seems to have a nasty look in his eyes. In contrast to his appearance, he is known for being intelligent, organized, and incredibly punctual despite his crass and vehement mannerisms. Is something of an enigma, as no one really seems to know what goes on in his mind even if his intentions appear to be clear at first.

Questionable morals and fights dirty. Don't trust him with your lunch money.


Corpse Party: For Another Day

Template:Spoiler/CPfAD Chapter 1: Lost the Way

Ryuga wakes up inside of classroom 2-B, and looks for an exit. He enters the classroom 2-C and meets Tsukiko, startling her. They quickly figure out that they are trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School, which was supposed to have been torn down not so long ago, and decide to pair up to look for an exit.

On the next floor up, Tsukiko and Ryuga discover the dead body of another student named Sanae Wakahisa. It is then that Tsukiko suddenly remembers that she died, wherein she suggests to Ryuga that they may have both died and wound up in some kind of purgatory, but he harshly denies it. Ryuga searches the body and finds that Sanae had also performed the Sachiko Ever After charm. Soon after, Sanae's spirit appears and tries to kill Ryuga, but Tsukiko refuses to let him get killed. Sanae goes to attack Tsukiko instead, but Ryuga distracts the angry spirit.

He is later seen walking in and joining Yuki, Rin and Tsukiko's discussion, Yuki vaguely suggesting that he'd managed to escape from the spirit that had chased him earlier. Yuki leaves, saying that she is going to try to crack the closed spaces. After that, Ryuga leaves as well, telling the others that he will continue searching after telling the girls to get some rest.


Corpse Party: For Another Day


Significant plot details end here.


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Corpse Party: For Another Day
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Chapter 1.

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