We don't have time for this sentimental bull. You're scared, I'm scared, and fear will kill us faster than a gun would. So get the hell up; and thank God for still having legs.

—Ryoko Motomiya, Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear

Ryoko Motomiya

本宮 遼子
(もとみや りょうこ)


Motomiya Ryōko


17 years old




163 cm / 4'11"


65 kg / 143 lbs

Birth Date

January 17th Capricorn Button

Blood Type

A type

Bust Size

DD cup


Santa Orchidea Senior High


High school student



Ryouko Motomiya (本宮 遼子 Motomiya Ryōko?) is an original character of Stephano Oliver and the main protagonist of Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear. The "odd one out" in Santa Orchidea Senior High's Class 3-5.


Ryouko is a girl of average height and above average build; with dark blue hair seemingly trimmed differently at every strand. She has squinted, dark grey eyes, with deep and dark rings under them from oversleeping. She wears the standard female Santa Orchidea uniform, with a plain beige long sleeved sweater over a white plain shirt. She prefers the long skirt model over the short one. Her name tag is on the white shirt, and hidden by the sweater.


Ryouko is quiet, irritable and socially inept; so, she prefers to stay away from any kind of commotions, and mostly nap her worries away. When talked to, she shows herself as snappy and moody, with very low tolerance for others. She is headstrong and determinated, though, and will persist on a subject until she has gotten enough of it. While in Heavenly Host Elementary School, Ryouko tries not to show her horror through, but fails most of the time. While stoic, she is terrified of the possibility of dying, and tries her best to turn that fear into willpower.


Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear

-CHAP 1-

After a normal class day, Ryouko was found by her classmate Kouko Kobayakawa sleeping on her desk. Despite her protests, Kouko managed to drag her to do the "Sachiko Ever After" ritual with her and 6 more students that were there at the time. After performing the ritual, all of the 8 students, Ryouko included, feel strong tremors on the ground, which end up breaking the wooden floor and sucking them all in. After passing out from the impact, Ryouko finds herself in Heavenly Host Elementary School, alone and covered in both debris and skeletal remains.


Fan Art

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