Don't worry! As a member of Troop 125 i'll help ya!

—Roland Lowell, Corpse Party: New Blood

Roland Lowell
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ローランド ローウェル


Rōrando rōueru


17 (Corpse Party New Blood 3: Homecoming and Corpse Party New Blood: You Will (Not) Live)




160 cm/5'3"


104 kg/230 lbs

Birth Date

September 1 Virgo Button

Blood Type



Seven Sisters Junior High School


Boy Scout








Jessie's laziness
someone disobeying the Scout Law


Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Jessie Lowell (Older Brother)
Anna Lowell (Younger Sister)
Unknown Older Brother

Roland Lowell is Patrick James Lowell's younger Brother and a central character in Corpse Party: Restless Dreams.


While Roland does wear the Seven Sisters uniform, he usually wears his Boy Scout Uniform even when there is no meetings arranged, he stands a foot shorter than his brother and is usually a little chubby acording to Adriana, his hair style is a little like his brother's which is a jet-black color and a spikes up around the middle, while his eye color is a small shade of blue.


Roland has a more jumpy personality, he is usually very ignorant to his surroundings and likes to go places where he is not allowed to go, he can also be very nosy as when he revealed that Patrick also skipped out on their troop meetings causing his brother to be forced to go by their Troop leader.

Even trapped in Heavenly Host he still shows signs of curosity as when he nearly steps into a trap made by Yuki Kanno or when he almost fell down a hole when running away from Yuki and Tokiko.


Corpse Party: Restless Dreams:

Template:Spoiler/CPNB Roland is the younger brother to Patrick James Lowell, and is a member of the local Boy Scout Troop number 125, he was seen during the School Festival helping out his fellow classmates with the preparations for the Magic trick booth.

When the group decides to use the Sachiko Ever After charm, Roland and Anna came to look for their older brother because both Roland was going to be late for his meeting, when Adriana asks if they would like to join in the charm which they both agreed.

After being dragged into the reborn Heavenly Host, he is paired with Patrick and Kaori the three of them all decide to travel together and find a way out and to find Anna too, however the group is hounded by the restless spirit of Yuuya Kizami and thanks to his pocket watch which was a gift from his father. All three of them jumped between cosed spaces and encountered another group of students from Japan and the two groups travel together for the time being.

Like Patrick and Anna, Roland being a member of The Lowell Family, he is able to see and communicate with spirits easier than the others due to the exposure to the Necronomicon. His pocket watch is actually one of the seven catalysts that the Brotherhood, the Cult of Shinozaki and the renmants of the Martuba's Tomb need to drag the world into prepetual night.

Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Night Before~

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Corpse Party: Restless Dreams -You Will (Not) Live-

In the alternate ending to Corpse Party: New Blood, Roland survived along with Anna, Rose and Patrick and they escaped Heavenly Host, it is revealed that him and Anna forgot about the events inside Heavenly Host and lived their lives without guilt about their killed friends, but he is seen being worried for his older Brother's safety while he is working the Homicide Desk, he is also called to Heavenly Host one last time to atone for his Sins along with Patrick and his student Ariana, he is seen breaking down and crying after hearing that Anna commited Suicide and the death of his sister-in-law Rose.

Corpse Party: Devil's Flute

In Corpse Party: Devil's Flute, Roland died in Heavenly Host, after he died he became a hostile ghost killing those who came across him like Patrick does and the two are usually seen together.

Roland is first seen when Lloyd re-entered Heavenly Host after he was dragged there by The Cult of Shinozaki, Roland can be seen bisecting a student from Kasugayama High School by a strand of Piano wire, the first thing that Lloyd sees about him is that he is missing his left eye, like Pat. 

Roland died after being killed by Yuki Kanno, but while his spirit lives on but his body was preserved by Yuki Kanno whom caused Roland to become hostile towards the living, his hatred along with the rest of the killed Seven Sisters Students is being fed on by The Brotherhood who uses it to make them more powerful.



  • Roland is usually seen in Scout Uniform that even his teachers don't even call his parents about the matter.
  • The Clothing that Roland is seen wearing is his Scout Uniform in Heavenly Host, as he says that he left his other Clothing in his locker at School.
  • Roland survived the events of New Blood, as he his mentioned by his older brother to the Protagonist of Sweet Home: Grave Torments.
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