This page has information on previous polls that were placed on the main page of this wiki.
Rank Polls Votes
Who do you think will survive in Corpse Party -ever after-? Created at: 19:56 on May 17, 2014.
Poll Gold No one. 8 votes.
Poll Silver Hazeru, Yuzuki and Ikaru. 6 votes.
Poll Bronze Yuzuki. 3 votes.
Which fan-game is your favorite? Created at: 13:56 on July 7, 2014.
Poll Gold Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair. 11 votes.
Poll Silver Corpse Party -ever after-. 8 votes.
Poll Bronze Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation. 6 votes.
Which one is your favorite ship? Created at: 10:31 on August 10, 2014.
Poll Gold Yoshiki x Ayumi. 23 votes.
Poll Silver Satoshi x Yoshiki. 19 votes.
Poll Bronze Satoshi x Naomi
Naomi x Seiko.
15 votes.
Do you want Jackkel Dragon to un-cancel "Corpse Party D2: Dragon's Mask"? Created at: 18:46 on October 5, 2014.
Poll Gold Yes. 64 votes.
Poll Silver Don't care. 6 votes.
Poll Bronze No. 3 votes.
Which wrong end in Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair do you like the most? Created at: 07:49 on April 4, 2015.
Poll Gold Wrong End 7: "Downfall". 5 votes.
Poll Silver Wrong End 6: "Burning Hatred". 3 votes.
Poll Bronze |Wrong End 1: "Embrace"
Wrong End 5 "Bloodbath".
1 vote.
Who is your favorite character from the current version of Corpse Party: For Another Day? Created at: 15:24 on April 8, 2016.
Poll Gold Tsukiko Tachibana
Rin Murakami.
2 votes.
Poll Silver Ayane Ishikawa
Ichika Kamijou.
1 vote.
Poll Bronze Ryuga Konoe. 0 votes.
Which AMISOGUMI fan game is your favorite? Created at: 20:37 on August 13, 2016.
Poll Gold Corpse Party if PAST END 6 votes.
Poll Silver Corpse Party -Cross Fear-
Corpse Party if
1 vote.

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