This page talks about the old schoolhouse in CORPSE-PARTY. For other articles relating to this school, see Heavenly Host Elementary School or Kisaragi Academy.
OldSchoolhouse StartingClassroom

The starting classroom.

(Kisaragi Academy's) Old Schoolhouse ((如月学園の)旧校舎 (Kisaragi Gakuen no) Kyūkōsha?, lit. "(February Academy's) Old Schoolhouse") is a building that CORPSE-PARTY takes place in. Although not as popular as Heavenly Host Elementary School, it still is sometimes used as a basis for the fan-games.


According to Ayumi Shinozaki's ghost story, there used to be an old schoolhouse where Kisaragi Academy is currently built over. On one rainy after-school day, a young girl named Shinozaki (Hasegawa in CORPSE-PARTY ZERO) slipped from the corridor on the third floor to her death. Since then, that part of the school was never rebuilt again. Now whenever anyone tells the tale of the ghost girl, they will be dragged into a closed dimension located inside the old schoolhouse.

This schoolhouse was later remodeled and given a new name in the later Corpse Party media, thus it became known as Heavenly Host Elementary School.

Depending on the media, the old schoolhouse went by many names:


Media School's Name
(NEC PC-9801)
Old Schoolhouse (旧校舎 Kyūkōsha?)
(RPG Tkool XP)
Schoolhouse (校舎 Kōsha?)
Kisaragi Academy's Old Schoolhouse (如月学園の旧校舎 Kisaragi Gakuen no Kyūkōsha?, lit. "February Academy's Old Schoolhouse")
Old Schoolhouse (古い校舎 Furui Kyūkōsha?)
Old Schoolhouse (旧校舎 Kyūkōsha?)
Corpse Party; Musume
Kisaragi Academy Girls' School (如月学園女子校 Kisaragi Gakuen Joshikō?, lit. "February Academy Girls' School")



Name Occupation Age Sex Design
Unnamed principal Principal Unknown Male Principal
Unnamed teacher Teacher Unknown Male Teacher


Name Class Age Sex Picture
Shinozaki (篠崎 Shinozaki?) (CORPSE-PARTY) Class 2-9 16 years old Female
Hasegawa (長谷川 Hasegawa?) (CORPSE-PARTY ZERO) Class 2-9 Unknown Female




  • Shinozaki and Hasegawa are both used to describe the master of the old schoolhouse in CORPSE-PARTY and CORPSE-PARTY ZERO respectively.

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