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Naomi's Pendant
Naomi's Pendant
Appears in

Corpse Party: Segen der verlassenen Schule


Naomi's prized pendant, given to her by her mother. Detects malevolent forces.


Starting equipment for Naomi


Helps identify if the room is safe or dangerous. Has unlimited uses.

Naomi's Pendant is a item in Corpse Party: Segen der verlassenen Schule. IT is used to detect malevolent spirits.

Corpse Party: Segen der verlassenen Schule

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Segen der verlassenen Schule follow

In terms of appearance, is a 6 winged jewel with a vivid red jewel hanging off the connection of the wings. In the storyline, it is a present from Natsumi, her mother, who hand-crafted the necklace and gave it to Naomi when she turned 18.

The bottom crystal is used to identify when Naomi is within the range of malevolent forces, as a precaution to avoid the encounter- mainly due to lack of equipment.

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