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Happiness and unhappiness are linked. Whenever one attempts to gain good fortune with little effort, there is always a risk. ... You and your friends have become trapped in this school because you performed the Sachiko Ever After charm...and messed it up.

—Naho Saenoki, Corpse Party BloodCovered

Naho Saenoki
Naho Saenoki Profile Picture

冴之木 七星
(さえのき なほ)


Saenoki Naho


17 years old




161cm / 5'3¼"


45.5kg / 100.3 lbs

Birth Date

September 13th Virgo Button

Blood Type

B type

Bust Size

C cup


Paulownia Academy High School


High school student


11th grade






Tatsuya (Father)
Mizuki (Mother)

Naho Saenoki (冴之木 七星 Saenoki Naho?) is a student from Paulownia Academy High School's class 2-1, a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School and a major character introduced in Corpse Party.


Naho is a teenage girl of somewhat above average height and below average weight. She has indigo eyes and black medium short hair, with two red hair rings and a red pentagram-shaped hair ornament on the top left part of her head. Like the other female students of Paulownia Academy, she wears a maroon blazer, with a plain white shirt underneath and a plain red necktie, a dark blue skirt, and has a blue jacket tied around her waist. She also wears crew length black socks and brown shoes.


Naho initially presented herself as a stoic, wise, and enigmatic character who seemed to harbor ethically vague sentiments. However, she gradually evinced her darker emotions when Yoshiki and Ayumi confronted her about the underlying circumstances behind Kibiki's demise and the "Sachiko Ever After" charm. Naho's lustful obsession with Kou Kibiki motivated her to sabotage the charm's instructions in hopes of giving her mentor more "samples" to study. Naho's lust, selfishness, and callousness ultimately became her undoing when she realized that she unwittingly murdered Kibiki during her "darkening".

In spite of the aforementioned traits, Naho's personality had some endearing aspects, such as amiability and childish eccentricity; which were evidenced by her interactions with Sayaka Ooue. Sayaka regarded Naho as her best friend, and the sentiment seemed mutual. 


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To see her appearance in Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation, go here.
To see her appearance in Corpse Party -ever after-, go here.


  • She first appeared in Corpse Party: New Chapter (a mobile version of Corpse Party BloodCovered).
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Media Design Chapters
Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation
(RPG Maker VX Ace)
Naho100 Chapter 1.
Corpse Party -ever after-
(RPG Maker VX Ace)
N/A Chapter 2, Chapter 3.

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