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NEXT Series
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Corpse Party




Dom4ntas666 - Spriter and mapper


RPG Maker VX Ace



The NEXT Series is a series of games developed by Hiragi-HOUX. It follows the tale of various unfortunate individuals who all in one way or another share the same tale within Heavenly Host Elementary School.


  • Corpse Party: PROEM -The first game chronologically, it follows the tale of students from Mizukihana High and their struggles within the schoolhouse.
  • Corpse Party: NEXT - The series-namer, NEXT follows the tale of a group of students from Lexern Senior High as they battle against their fates, and the other stories come together.
  • Corpse Party: -ANTAgony - A supplementary story from the viewpoint of a critical character and their attempts to save the one they cherish.


  • NEXT and PROEM have been in development for over a year, but due to the developers involvement with other projects, has had little free time to complete them with.

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