Mizukihana High School is a school that the main characters from Corpse Party: PROEM attend.



Name Class Age Sex Picture
Kentaro Takagi (高木 健太郎 Takagi Kentarō?) 2-A ★ 17 years old Male N/A
Mikomi Katsuhiro (勝弘 みこみ Katsuhiro Mikomi?) 2-A 17 years old Female N/A
Miwa Todo (藤堂 みわ Toudou Miwa?) 2-A 16 years old Female N/A
Shibui Honda (本多 渋井 Honda Shibui?) 2-A 17 years old Male N/A
Yukiko Morine (森音 雪子 Morine Yukiko?) 2-A 16 years old Female N/A
★ - Class representative.

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