This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party, go here to see.

Misato Municipal Brotherhood High (美里市立彦糸高等学校 Misato Shiritsu Hikoito Kōtōgakkō?, lit. "Misato Municipal Hikoito Senior High School"), also called Misato Municipal Brotherhood Senior High School, is a senior high school where you can collect the students' name tags from in Corpse Party.

School Emblem

The helmet emblem is that of a warlord who led and defended Misato village against a bandit raid during the Sengoku period. The purple color stands for "virtue," while the V-shaped curved horns symbolize a "compassionate heart."



Name Class Age Sex Picture
Second Year Students
Akihiko Kagurazaka (神楽坂秋彦 Kagurazaka Akihiko?) 2-4 17 years old Male
Hatto Sudo (須藤八斗 Sudo Hatto?) 2-4 17 years old Male
Kain Hagiwara (萩原海音 Hagihara Kain?) 2-4 16 years old Female
Ken Fujii (藤井剣 Fujii Ken?) 2-4 17 years old Male
Kokuhaku Akaboji (紅星 黒白 Akaboshi Kokuhaku?) 2-4 16 years old Female N/A
Mitsuharu Ohtaki (大滝光春 Ōtaki Mitsuharu?) 2-4 17 years old Male N/A
Tomoe Mizuki (水姫ともえ Mizuki Tomoe?) 2-4 Unknown Female N/A
Yuma Misaki (三崎由真 Misaki Yuma?) 2-4 17 years old Female N/A
Third Year Students
Shin Aichi (愛知心 Aichi Shin?) 3-6 17 years old Female N/A
Yoshiyuki Shinohara (篠原嘉幸 Shinohara Yoshiyuki?) 3-4 18 years old Male N/A


  • Tomoe Mizuki is the only character in the name tag list, whose death is not confirmed.

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