This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party, go here to see.

Minazuki Academy High School ( 水無月学園高等部 Minazuki Gakuen Kōtōbu?, lit. "June Academy Senior High School") is the high school attended by the majority of the cast from Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.

School Uniforms



Name Class Age Sex Picture
First Year Students
Ayame Ito (伊藤 あやめ Itō Ayame?) 1-5 15 years old Female
Chiyomi Homura (穂村 千代美 Homura Chiyomi?) 1-5 16 years old Female
Kurara Teshimizu (手清水 くらら Teshimizu Kurara?) 1-5 15 years old Female
Ryuji Shimazaki (島崎 竜司 Shimazaki Ryūji?) 1-5 16 years old Male
Tomohisa Shibai (司馬狗 智久 Shibai Tomohisa?) 1-5 16 years old Male

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