Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for CORPSE-PARTY-0 follow

Masayuki, Kaori, Shiho and Hideki stays at their shool for a bit longer, wondering where did Yuuya and Kyosuke are as both of them went missing 3 days ago. They left the classroom and Kaori told the others a scary story. Suddenly an earthquake started and they all fell though the floor.

Hideki and Masayuki woke up in the hallway of the haunted school and saw a crack on the floor. Soon after they were found by the two sisters. They all go to find the other way and find the entrance but on the door it says that if they leave they will starve to death so they all stay in the school. Thy all notice a loose board and they take it. Soon after they use it to make a bridge across the gap. end up finding a corpse. While walking into the newly found place they find a corpse, who talks with them. He tells them about how the school is controlled by the evil spirit and how they can't leave. They all get scared and leave. Right after they leave the classroom another earthquake happens, cracking the floor beneat them and almost killing Shiho. Masayuki saves her and they find out that they are split into two groups, so they end up looking for the way to reunite. 

Significant plot details end here.

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