I've... remembered why I want to live again...

—Machi Hirata, Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation

Machi Hirata
Machi eh

平田 待
(ひらた まち)


Hirata Machi


26 years old (at death)





Birth Date

April 4th, 1956

Blood Type


Bust Size



Master of old Divine Blessing Hospital



Cause of Death



Machi's Family Tree

Machi Hirata (平田 待 Hirata Machi?) is an original character created by Jackkel Dragon. She was Fuyu Hirata's younger sister and a patient at the old Divine Blessing Hospital.


In Fatal Operation, Machi wears a blue patient robe. Machi has white hair and spends much of the game with dull, unreflecting eyes.

In one ending route of Fatal Operation, Machi possesses Seiko's body. This is denoted by a change in the color and reflectiveness of "Seiko's" eyes and a new expression set.


Machi seems to be a sadistic person, who enjoys seeing others suffer. She also hates when people pity her, saying she doesn't need their pity.


Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation follow

Chapter 1

Naomi and Seiko finds her diary in one of the rooms and it reveals that Machi had a friend named Hideo, who was a classmate with Shinozaki. Machi and Shinozaki both were talking about the latter's family, until one day Shinozaki cursed Machi, which made her sick. At first both Hideo and her brother don't believe her, until her hair turn white, which starts to worry her brother. Hideo left her to marry Shinozaki. The last entry says that Machi's brother did something bad to her.

Chapter 2

It is revealed here that Machi and Doctor Fuyu Hirata are siblings. Naho then explains that Machi and Fuyu both died in the basement of Devine Blessing Hostipal about thirty years ago. They were both strapped to a device that most likely killed them both, sadly it couldn't be examined.

Chapter 3

Machi makes her first appearance in the beginning on this chapter. After Seiko runs inside her room she sees Machi. They both talk and Machi attacks her, hoping to steal her body from her. Seiko then runs away, but slips and falls in the hole. Machi laughing that she can still use her.

Chapter 4

Machi's appearance differs in this chapter depending on the choices of the player.

If you decide to skip the searching for more clues Machi appears as a possessed Seiko and after appeasing Fuyu they all escape. After that "Seiko" stops talking to Naomi.

If you decide to stay and find the rest of the clues, you will see the added event of Seiko escaping from Machi, And makes her last appearance in the main hallway, right before the group can escape. She enters Naomi head, hoping to possess her, but then sees Naomi's memories, which brings her back to her senses. Machi then lets everyone leave to their world, and moves on to an afterlife.

Significant plot details end here.


  • Due to the way character busts are made, Machi can have up to 432 different emotions in Fatal Operation.
  • Machi's pose and outfit were heavily inspired by an unused portrait of Ayame Ito from Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT.


Media Design Chapters
Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation
(RPG Maker VX Ace)
Machi ehsmall
Chapter 3, Chapter 4.


Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation

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