This is a page about Machi's Diary as an item, so read the Secret Diary, go here.
Machi's Diary
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Appears in

CPD2: Fatal Operation


1F West 1-3 Recovery


To open the door to 2F East Doctor Office

Machi's Diary is an item that appears in Chapter 1 of Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation.

Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation follow

Chapter 1

Naomi and Seiko both find the diary lying on the floor, after picking it up a zombie attacks the two women, so they have to flee, After they are safe they read it and the door to the doctors office swings open.


Nove__er __th, 197_
Hideo introduced me to one of his friends from when he was in school today. Her name was Shinozaki, and she was really cute. Hideo had to leave early for work, but Shinozaki and I talked a bit longer. She told me a lot ab__t ___ fami__

Mar__ __st 198_
Sh__ozaki visited me again today. She's starting to worry me... She told me "Don't get too close to Hideo" and gave me this strange look when she left. I'd tell my brother or Hideo, but I'm worrie_ th__ mi__t ______

July ____ 1_80
I tried to tell Hideo that Shino____ ______ me, but he just laughed at me! I can't believe that he can spend so much time with Shinozaki and not believe in ______. I asked my brother what he thought, but he dismissed me too. What am I supposed to do?...

Dec_mber 25__ 1980
Today my hair turned white. I think my brother finally understands what happened to me. Hideo left me. He's getting married to Shinozaki in the spring. My hand hurts. I can't keep this diary for much longer.

beroOct sd92 2918
StOP. BRothER Don'T. I don'T WAnt This. PLeAse STOP.


  • While the game only features one item for Machi's diary, the game files show three different items, two of which are cut from the game.
Significant plot details end here.

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