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This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party games, go here to see.

Lexern Senior High School (レクサーヌ高等学校 Rekusānu Kōtōgakkō?, lit. "Lecusanu Senior High School") is a senior high school where you can collect the students' name tags from in Corpse Party.

It is also the school students from Corpse Party: NEXT attend.



Name Class Age Sex Picture
Second Year Students
Kaori Kimura (木村かおり Kimura Kaori?) 2-4 17 years old Female Dead(26)
Nao Takahashi (高橋奈央 Takahashi Nao?) 2-4 17 years old Female Dead(25)
Nayuki Minatogawa (湊川名雪 Minatogawa Nayuki?) 2-4 16 years old Male Nayuki Minatogawa
Third Year Students
Emi Kudou (工藤映美 Kudō Emi?) 3-2 17 years old Female Dead(24)
Emiko Suzuki (鈴木恵美子 Suzuki Emiko?) 3-4 18 years old Female
Emiko Suzuki (Sprite)
Hayate Suzuki (鈴木はやて Suzuki Hayate?) 3-4 18 years old Male
Hayate Suzuki (Sprite)
Hotaru Kanzaki (神崎蛍 Kanzaki Hotaru?) 3-2 17 years old Female Hotaru Kanzaki
Keiko Shobo (書房恵子 Shobō Keiko?) 3-4 17 years old Female
Keiko Shobo (Sprite)
Masao Ide (井出まさお Ide Masao?) 3-4 18 years old Male
Masao Ide (Sprite)
Miu Hiranuma (平沼みう Hiranuma Miu?) 3-4 18 years old Female
Miu Hiranuma (Sprite)
Noboru Shidehara (币原昇 Shidehara Noboru?) 3-4 18 years old Male
Noboru Shidehara (Sprite)
Suzume Saito (斎藤雀 Saitō Suzume?) 3-4 18 years old Female
Suzume Saito (Sprite)
Takuya Arai (荒井拓哉 Arai Takuya?) 3-2 18 years old Male Takuya Arai

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