Kyousuke's Letter
Kyosuke's Letter (FAD)
Appears in

CP: For Another Day


A love letter written to a certain Sugihara Ame.


Third floor hallway

Kyousuke's Letter is an item that appears in Chapter 1 of Corpse Party: For Another Day.

Corpse Party: For Another Day


Chapter 1: Lost the Way

Tsukiko find the note dedicated to Ame Sugihara. She takes it and decides to look for her.


I don't quite know where to start so I'm relieving some of that burden by jotting down whatever comes to mind for the moment. Ah,  I guess I should begin by mentioning that I dearly hope this message reaches the hands of Sugihara Ame.
And in hopes of reaching you, I suppose I will pen what could possibly be my first - and last - confession. I know you may find this very sudden, but realizing how little time I might have left, I found myself having no choice.
I really don't know what else to say, I'm at a loss for words here. If only we could meet, then maybe I could be spared the awkwardness of having to write this on the off chance that you will stumble upon it. This is all quite embarrassing, now that I think about it.
But that's okay. Maybe you'll think less of me, but that's okay, too. All that matters is that my feelings reach you. Please, be safe.
~Fujimori KyousukeTemplate:ItemNav/CPFAD

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