The story sucks anyway, I want to go shopping!

—Kymo Kobayashi, Corpse Party: Locked Death

Kymo Misenica Kobayashi

KymoKobayashi Portrait

Currently N/A


小林 ミセニカ キモー
(こばやし みせにか きもー)


Kobayashi Misenika Kimō


22 years old


Male or female


170 cm / 5'6"

Birth Date

May 23rd

Bust Size

(When applicable) C




Video games, anime, manga, sweet foods


The player, irritating people


Video games, shopping

Future Dream

Looking into it

Kymo Misenica Kobayashi (小林 ミセニカ キモー Kobayashi Misenika Kimō?) is a character attending a support meeting, a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School, and the main protagonist of Corpse Party: Locked Death.


In the female design, Kymo has long, slightly wavy brown hair with a center parting, and golden-brown eyes. She wears a long black coat which reaches her knees, and wears a pink t-shirt and a medium length blue skirt underneath. In addition, she wears shin-length black socks and black boots on her feet.

In the male design, Kymo has much wavier brown hair which reaches his shoulders, also parted at the center. Like his female counterpart, he wears the same long, black coat, but wears a brown zip-up turtleneck shirt under it, and black sports trousers. He wears black boots just like his counterpart.

Both designs feature a green satchel that Kymo wears, decorated with the image of a parody of Hatsune Miku.


Kymo is a fairly blunt character who doesn't seem to think before stating their opinion or whatever comes to mind, be it something worthwhile, or something downright weird. In sharp contrast to the more unusual side to them, they have little tolerance for other people's idiocy or insensitivity and can potentially even walk out of the game if they feel the player is being too ridiculous in their actions.


  • In-game, most people have difficulty remembering or pronouncing Kymo's name correctly, much like how it is in real life for the developer of the same name.
  • Kymo's first name is actually a Greek name in origin, their middle name has no meaning, and their last name is Japanese.

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