Hikaru...It's fine if you resent me. I brought all of us into this place! Please... Please don't hold back!

—Kouko Kobayakawa, Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear

Kouko Kobayakawa

小早川 晃子
(こばやかわ あきこ)


Kobayakawa Akiko


17 years old




153 cm / 5'01"


52 kg / 114.6 lbs

Birth Date

March 23rd Aries Button

Blood Type

B type

Bust Size

B cup


Santa Orchidea Senior High


High school student

Kouko Kobayakawa (小早川 晃子 Kobayakawa Akiko?) is an original character of Stephano Oliver and one of the main characters in Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear.


Kouko is a girl of very small build and height. She is slightly tan and has very light and discreet freckles on her exposed skin. She has short, somewhat spiky light brown hair and wide hazel eyes. She wears the standard Santa Orchidea Senior High uniform but keeps both her shirt and her sweater's sleeves rolled up at all time. She prefers the short skirt model due to its practicality.


Kouko shows herself as a brash, overly energetic individual to others; having no discrimination as to who to talk to. As the PE teacher's assistant and as the track team leader, she shows some talent for leadership; keeping a strong pulse and making herself heard despite her small build. She feels the need to help others; even if the people in question don't wish for her help in the first place. Therefore, she sneaks around searching for problems and does not hesitate to butt in a personal matter to try to help. This makes her, while very loved by the boys and the students in general, quite a threat to anyone's privacy.


  • Though her name is "Kouko", the kanji used is read as "Akiko".
Media Design Chapters
Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear
(RPG Maker VX Ace)
Koukoprofile N/A

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