Kishimada (篠崎誠 Kishimada?, lit. Valor High School) is a fan-made senior high school from the fan game Corpse Party: Thanatos Wrath where the main protagonist Akuma Kanno, and the anti-hero Dachi Germain go to school.

The only known students from this school are Akuma, and Dachi.

School Uniform

The female uniform consists of a white sailor fuku with blue collar, a red bow, a orange pleated skirt, white crew-cut socks and rex shoes, while the male uniform consists of a black shirt, yellow long sleeve coat, black pants, and brown shoes.

School Emblem

The school's emblem redirects as Valor, and Hope which meant that no-one should ever give up.



Name Class Age Sex
Second Year Students
Akuma Kanno (トモダチ Kanno Akuma?) 4-7 19 years old Male
Dachi Germain (悪魔菅野 Germain Dachi?) 4-7 19 years old Male

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