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This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party games, go here to see.

Kisaragi Academy Senior High (如月学園高等部 Kisaragi Gakuen Kōtōbu?, lit. "February Academy Senior High School") is a senior high school whose students are the main characters of Corpse Party Heavenly Host Elementary School saga.

School Uniform

School Emblem

Schoolbadge kisaragi
"Kisaragi" corresponds to February, the second month of the year in the Lunar calendar. The school's emblem shows a motif of plum blossoms that bloom in February. The flower's blossom symbolizes "hope," the bud represents "patience," while the branch stands for "bonds." The badge's ribbon is blue for high school and red for junior high school.



Name Class Age Sex Picture
Second Year Students
Ayumi Shinozaki (篠崎 あゆみ Shinozaki Ayumi?) 2-9 ★ 17 years old Female
Mayu Suzumoto (鈴本 繭 Suzumoto Mayu?) 2-9 16 years old Female
Miyu Shinohara (篠原 深雪 Shinohara Miyu?) 2-9 Unknown Non-binary
Naomi Nakashima (中嶋 直美 Nakashima Naomi?) 2-9 16 years old Female
Sakutaro Morishige (森繁 朔太郎 Morishige Sakutarō?) 2-9 16 years old Male
Satoshi Mochida (持田 哲志 Mochida Satoshi?) 2-9 17 years old Male
Seiko Shinohara (篠原 世以子 Shinohara Seiko?) 2-9 16 years old Female
Yoshiki Kishinuma (岸沼 良樹 Kishinuma Yoshiki?) 2-9 17 years old Male
Akari Minamino (南野 朱里 Minamino Akari?) Unknown 17 years old Female
★ - Class representative.
Blue means the character is AMISOGUMI's games exclusive.

Students (Past)

Name Class Age (Current) Sex Picture
Second Year Students
Sayako Kasui (粕井 佐弥子 Kasui Sayako?) 2-2 17 years old Female
Sayako (CP-CF-)
Third Year Students
Kanna (冠那 Kanna?) 3-4 Unknown Female N/A
Masako (真菜子 Masako?) 3-4 Unknown Female N/A
Tomoe (智絵 Tomoe?) 3-4 Unknown Female N/A
Yui Shishido (宍戸 結衣 Shishido Yui?) 3-4 23 years old Female
Tsukasa Mikuni (御国 司 Mikuni Tsukasa?) 3-7 24 years old Male
Blue means the character is AMISOGUMI's games exclusive.

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