This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party games, go here to see.

Kisaragi Academy (如月学園 Kisaragi Gakuen?, lit. "February Academy") is the school where the main characters of the Corpse Party series attend. It consists of two institutions, Kisaragi Academy Senior High (如月学園高等部 Kisaragi Gakuen Kōtōbu?, lit. "February Academy Senior High School") and Kisaragi Academy Junior High School (如月学園中等部 Kisaragi Gakuen Chūtōbu?, lit. "February Academy Junior High School"). The school stands at the same area where Heavenly Host Elementary School once stood.



Name Occupation Age Sex Design
Hajime Yamazaki (山崎 一 Yamazaki Hajime?) English Teacher
56 years old Male Hajime Yamazaki 100
Makoto Kedouin (祁答院 慎 Kedōin Makoto?) Dean Unknown Male N/A
Mikio Tsubota (坪田 美貴男 Tsubota Mikio?) P.E. Teacher 29 years old Male Mikio100
Yui Shishido (宍戸 結衣 Shishido Yui?) English Teacher
23 years old Female Yui101
Kuon Niwa (丹羽 玖遠 Niwa Kuon?) Teacher's assistant
24 years old Female Kuon100

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