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This page only lists Kensuke's appearances in fan-games and fanfictions, for his canon appearances go here.
...I'm sorry. I should have done more to stop you....when we were kids. I'm...your best friend, after all. But I never filled that role very well. I never did the things I should've... Heh...yeah... I... *hack* I guess I...really haven't...been a very good friend...

—Kensuke Kurosaki, Corpse Party BloodCovered

Kensuke Kurosaki
Kensuke Kurosaki Profile Picture

黒崎 健介
(くろさき けんすけ)


Kurosaki Kensuke


16 years old




168 cm / 5'6"


54.8 kg / 121 lbs

Birth Date

April 1st Aries Button

Blood Type

B type


Byakudan Senior High School


High school student


11th grade





Cause of Death

Body repeatedly flayed with edged weapon.

Kensuke Kurosaki (黒崎 健介 Kurosaki Kensuke?) is a student of Byakudan Senior High School's class 2-4, a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School, and a minor character introduced in Corpse Party.


Kensuke wears a standard Byakudan Senior High School uniform. He has blue eyes and purple hair. The younger version of himself wears a white shirt and it has symbol to the right of his shirt.


He’s a classmate and childhood friend of Yuuya Kizami; they often used to play together when they were little. His cheerfulness and sociability make him the class mood-maker. He is also a member of the baseball club. Since childhood he has loved exercising and running around the neighborhood. Teachers give him good grades, and he’s willing to take on chores. However, because of his personality he often gets bossed around by student council representative, Mitsuki Yamamoto. He was trapped in Heavenly Host after performing the Sachiko Ever After charm with his classmates.


Corpse Party -ever after-

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party -ever after- follow

Chapter 2

Kensuke appears in the chapter after Ikaru goes back to the first floor, where he sees his spirit being attacked by Yuuya's spirit. Ikaru goes in between them and Yuuya attacks him, but is stopped by the Power Stone, which banishes him away from the two. Kensuke and Ikaru then both have a little talk and Ikaru finds out a lot more about the place he is in. Kensuke then uses his powers as a spirit to teleport Ikaru back to the place he was. He also leaves a note behind saying that he got too weak and that he has to leave.

Significant plot details end here.


  • He first appeared in Corpse Party: New Chapter (a mobile version of Corpse Party BloodCovered).


Media Design Chapters
Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation
(RPG Maker VX Ace)
Opening, Chapter 2, Chapter 3.
Corpse Party -ever after-
(RPG Maker VX Ace)
Chapter 2.

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