Corpse Party: Restless Dreams

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: New Blood follow

In Corpse Party: Restless Dreams, Kaori is a transfer student from Byakudan Senior High School, she came to Seven Sisters High School seven months ago before christmas break, while she is usually cold and distant towards other students she becomes friends with Lloyd DeWitt's group and becomes a true member of the group.

After the festival, she gets called to the classroom by Adriana and reveals the Sachiko Ever After charm she got from Ayumi Shinozaki, and agrees to do the charm with her friends, after the charm was cast she was dragged into Heavenly Host with her friends.

She awakens along with Patrick James Lowell and his younger brother, Roland Lowell, all three of them decide to travel together to find Patrick's younger sister Anna and the others and get out of Heavenly Host as well, during their travels in the old schoolhouse they encounter the ghost of Yuuya Kizami and Kaori recognized the uniform as one from her school and attempted to make contact with Kizami but instead he turned on her and tried to kill her and she was saved by both Pat and Roland.

For the rest of the chapter they are hounded by Kizami's ghost until they find a tear thanks to Roland's Pocket watch and they jump into another closed space to escape from him, there they enouncter a group of students from Japan, communication between Patrick, Roland and the others is hard until Kaori becomes the translator for both groups and they all decide to stick together for the time being.

Significant plot details end here.

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