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He who fights his pain and anguish will forever fight, not just his tormenter, but himself as well.

—Honoka to Tamotsu Shadou

Honoka Shinohara
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Ball Buster Shinohara


17 years old (at death)



Blood Type

A Type

Bust Size

D cup


High school student




Dancing, Tamotsu, getting her friends embarrassed, drawing.


Rude people, players, death, scary movies/stories, bullies.


Cooking, dancing.

Future Dream

To be a novelist.


Yuutaro (Nephew)
Seiko, Aya (Grandnieces)
Yuu, Kei (Grandnephews)

Honoka Shinohara is an original character by Beast of burden. She is a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School.



In life she was friends with Tamotsu. he was in love with her and thought of her the most perfect thing in the world. Sadly she saw him only as a friend and was well aware of his feelings. She would ask him to do things for her knowing he would never say no but she would never take advantage of this fact.

She was the one who proposed the Sachiko Ever After charm and convinced Tamotsu to join in.

After death she is trapped in her body, untouched by time, unabe to leave, held there by his love.



Before Death

Once in Heavenly Host she was terrified and turned to him for comfort. He in turn protected her and defended the others by doing things people would deem insane or plane impossible. She watched as he went toe to toe with the hammer wielding man, jumped the gaps to reach her when she was in danger and even watched as he tortured Koga for what he did to her best friend.

After watching him fight against the school and never tiring. She began to develop feelings towards him, but before she coud tell him she was fatally wounded. slowly dying in his arms, deep in a secret place of the reference room, but unable to speak. She couldn't stop him from making the deal: Let her die peacefuly and I won't fight. She quickly scribbed down a chant that may guide his soul to those who need him before passing away.

After Death

Significant plot details end here.

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