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January 29, 1996







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Corpse Party D2 series



Hollie Moir, also known by the username Hiragi-HOUX (柊-HOUX Hiragi-HOUX?) or Katagayri is an illustrator, who is a part of Team Despair. She is mostly known as the illustrator of Corpse Party D2 series.

She is also one of the admins of this wiki.


Hiragi-HOUX grew up with four siblings on a small Scottish island and was frequently bullied and abused growing up, and had no friends due to this. She turned to art as an escape from her less-than-stellar situation and quickly became attached to it, and since then had always invested most of her free -or not so free- time into illustrating, and planned on taking it to the next level by making it her career. Not long after she started development on her own game in 2013, on June 1st she applied to illustrate for a fangame named D2: Depths of Despair by a user named Jackkel Dragon, and within the next ten days was approved for the position. After that, she devoted her free time to working on the game until its release, and since then the two have formed the partnership Team Despair and worked on various other projects. She has provided illustrations for other games, and illustrates her own works when she has the time. She is a slow worker, tends to take on too much work at one time and is quite forgetful but usually eventually finishes her task.



Corpse Party Games

  • Corpse Party -PROEM-  (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Currently in development.)
  • Corpse Party -NEXT-  (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Currently in development.)
  • Corpse Party -ANTAgony- (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Currently in development.)



  • Her internet handle, Hiragi-HOUX is a joke on her real name as hiragi and houx are the Japanese and French names for the holly plant, of which she is named after (albeit with an alternate spelling).
  • Her favorite colour is green, and this reflects in a lot of her character designs using the colour.
  • Helping out on wiki's is one of her favourite hobbies.

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