Hinagaoka Girls' High School (雛原ヶ岡女子高等学校 Hinagaoka joshikō-tō gakkō?) is an all-girls school where you can collect the students' and faculty name tags from in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.



Name Occupation Age Sex Design
Yoshihiro Ozuka (大塚 善裕 Ōzuka Yoshihiro?) Teacher 26 years old Male N/A
Mai Koshimizu (興水 麻衣 Koshimizu Mai?) Student Teacher 24 years old Female N/A
Kazunori Tomita (富田 和仙 Tomita Kazunori?) Teacher 38 years old Male N/A


Name Class Age Sex Picture
Third Year Students
Maiko Kisaragi (如月 舞子 Kisaragi Maiko?) 3-3 18 years old Female N/A
Mizuho Nukaya (糠谷 瑞穂 Nukaya Mizuho?) 3-3 18 years old Female N/A
Remi Yamauchi (山内 れみ Yamauchi Remi?) 3-3 18 years old Female N/A
Hagi Yura (由良 芽子 Yura Hagi?) 3-3 17 years old Female N/A

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