We're still friends, like we were back then, right...? When you weren't Himura, and I wasn't Matsuzaki...When we were just Kazuya and Hikaru...?

—Hikaru Matsuzaki, Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear

Hikaru Matsuzaki

松崎 ひかる
(まつざき ひかる)


Matsuzaki Hikaru


17 years old




181 cm / 5'11"


77 kg / 169.7 lbs

Birth Date

August 13th Leo Button

Blood Type

B type


Santa Orchidea Senior High


High school student


Mitsuru (Adoptive Mother)
Kanako (Adoptive Sister)
Mizuki (Adoptive Sister)
Kokone (Adoptive Sister)
Mayoi (Adoptive Sister)
Mina (Adoptive Sister)

Hikaru Matsuzaki (松崎 ひかる Matsuzaki Hikaru?) is an original character of Stephano Oliver and a playable character in Corpse Party: Stronghold - Pictured Fear.


Hikaru is a young man of above average height and muscular build, with amber eyes and light brown hair, dyed red. He wears the standard male Santa Orchidea uniform, but mantains his sleeves rolled up, much like his friend Kouko. His long hair is pulled up in a high ponytail, but mantains its spiky form even so. He keeps his name tag pinned to the left side of his blazer.


Hikaru presents himself as a lax, calm and playfully mature individual; trying to hide his panicky, emotional nature. He is easily upset, but, as he struggles with words and a low self-esteem, he only feels able to vent through physical violence; thus, his "career" of street fighting. He is very prudent and caring of his adversaries, though; as he tries to be with everyone else.

As a result of growing up in an orphanage and then having to raise his five sisters in his mother's stead, Hikaru is mostly independent and able; even so, he is particularly attached to his classmate Kouko; despite denying any romantic involvement with her, he is extremely protective and caring of her.

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