This page talks about the schoolhouse seen in the Corpse Party D2 series. For other articles relating to this school, see Heavenly Host Elementary School, the Old Schoolhouse, or Kisaragi Academy.

The old schoolhouse (旧校舎 Kyūkōsha?) of Heavenly Host Senior High (天神高等学校 Tenjin Kōtōgakkō?, lit. Heavenly Gods Senior High School), known more commonly as "Heavenly Host High School" or "the old schoolhouse", is an abandoned schoolhouse where a number of incidents in the Corpse Party D2 series take place.


According to Ayumi Shinozaki's ghost story from CORPSE-PARTY, there used to be an old schoolhouse where Kisaragi Academy is currently built over. On one rainy after-school day, a young girl named Shinozaki slipped from the corridor on the third floor to her death. Since then, that part of the school was never rebuilt again. Now whenever anyone tells the tale of the ghost girl, they will be dragged into a closed dimension located inside the old schoolhouse.

Corpse Party

Following the events of Ending D-2 ("Black Magic") from CORPSE-PARTY, the spirit of Shinozaki is freed from Heavenly Host Senior High. However, the closed dimension remained stable, having found a new master before it could collapse.

Naho's Investigation and the Novel Series

During November of 2008, Naho Saenoki entered Heavenly Host Senior High to investigate the disappearances of several students from Kisaragi Academy the previous month, which she linked to the old schoolhouse. She was trapped by the spirit of Shiho Hasegawa, but managed to escape alive. Naho and her mentor, Kou Kibiki, created a novel series from Naho's experiences in the old schoolhouse. The series became widely popular, and has spread into other media.

Ayumi's Nightmares

During a failed attempt at casting a black magic spell in October 2008, a twisted memory of Heavenly Host Senior High was created within Ayumi Shinozaki's mind. This dimension was tied to Ayumi, and changed to reflect her mental state over the years as well as the mental state of the spirits bound to Ayumi. This dimension is destroyed in both main endings of Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair.



  • Unnamed Principal
  • Unnamed Teacher



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