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This school also appears in the canon Corpse Party, go here to see.

Hakuro #3 Junior High School (白楼第三中学校 Hakurō Daisan Chūgakkō?, lit. "Third White Tower Junior High School") is a junior high school where you can collect the students' name tags from in Corpse Party.



Name Class Age Sex Picture
First Year Students
Takuji Mizuno (水野拓史 Mizuno Takushi?) I-4 13 years old Female Dead(67)
Tsukasa Tsuruta (鶴田津加早 Tsuruta Tsukasa?) I-4 13 years old Female Dead(58)
Second Year Students
Mio Kanaki (禍奈木水桜 Kanaki Mio?) II-2 14 years old Female Dead(56)
Third Year Students
Kotomi Yashimoto (梨本琴美 Yashimoto Kotomi?) III-5 15 years old Female Dead(84)
Kotowe Kuroyama (黒山古都ゑ Kuroyama Kotowe?) III-5 15 years old Female Dead(57)
Mao Kashiwatani (柏谷真央 Kashiwatani Mao?) III-5 15 years old Female Dead(53)
Yohsuke Maebana (前花陽介 Maehana Yōsuke?) III-5 15 years old Male Dead(54)
Yuuki Tsuruta (鶴田祐紀 Tsuruta Yūki?) III-5 15 years old Male Dead(55)

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