I'm not a demon... or a bad person, I don't... deserve this. I hate you Ran.

Azusa Takai, Azusa and Yuuya - Extra Scene

Azusa and Yuuya - Extra Scene
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Corpse Party


SouthParkClydeFan & 愛 日音


Horror Fan Fiction


Fiction Teen (13+)

Last Update

October 9, 2016




One paragraph.

Azusa and Yuuya - Extra Scene is a roleplay in the Corpse Party universe created by SouthParkClydeFan and 愛 日音 that took place on the Corpse Party Wiki chatroom that expanded on the wrong ending of the extra chapter where Yuuya Kizami and Azusa Takai met.


Azusa Takai is now wallowing in despair over the fact that now all her former friends hate her when she runs into Yuuya Kizami. She is at first blissfully happy she can find a handsome, reliable young man to take advantage of, but little does she know that her decisions over the years finally bite her in the ass when she realizes could not have picked a worse person to stay with a little too late.


There are only two characters in the story.

  • Azusa Takai - A teenage student from St. Cruz Academy for Girls who got in some trouble she is trying to hide from Yuuya.
  • Yuuya Kizami - A teenage student from Byakudan Academy who, unfortunately for Azusa, can see through people like an open book and play them like a fiddle.


See here for the full plot.


  • This story is actually a roleplay on the chatroom the two users did as their favourite characters when they were bored one day.

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