Thank you SO much Magari-chan! I would have never made it out of there without you! You'll protect me, right?!

Azusa Takai, Azusa and Magari - Extra Scene

Azusa and Magari - Extra Scene
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Corpse Party




Horror Fan Fiction


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October 16, 2016





Azusa and Magari - Extra Scene is a fanfiction in the Corpse Party universe created by SouthParkClydeFan that took place after the events of Corpse Party: Blood Drive in a "what-if" scenario where Magari Miduki takes a darkened Azusa Takai back to the real world as she was originally instructed to sustain her status in the Martuba's Tomb.


Following EX CHAPTER 08 『Reignition』, Magari wakes up and takes a visit to Martuba's Tomb but on her way back from there she sees a now fully recovered Azusa Takai. Magari mentions in her internal monologue that after Ayumi Shinozaki absorbed the Nirvana and contained the curse, Azusa's darkening vanished away. She states that the Martuba's tried to experiment on Azusa to see what it was like to go from the darkening and back but their attempts proved fruitless so they just let her go. Now knowing that saving Azusa was pointless since there is no more Martuba's Tomb, Magari is not very happy to see Azusa so they exchange a conversation that breaks out in a fight.


There are only two characters in the story.

  • Magari Miduki - The main protagonist of the story.
  • Azusa Takai - A teenage student from St. Cruz Academy for Girls who got in some trouble that she suffered no consequences for up to this point.


A W.I.P.

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